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THIS IS ME...Jess Claris from Dot Dash

Next up in our 'This is Me' Blog series, the genuine Jess from Dot Dash. I've followed Jess for a while now and her post always seem to resonant with me. So here is a little more about Jess... 
Our family is a true party of 5.  Me (Jess), my husband (Luke), Jake (12), Archie (4) and Miss Theodora AKA Teddie (2).  We also have a cat called Boots. Boots arrived on out doorstep one day and he never really left.
- What is your super power/strangest talent/party trick?
I wouldn't really called it weird but I have extremely flexible/double jointed fingers. As a kid we called them jelly fingers.
- Go to meal?
OK there isn't just one! I have 3 go tos. Chicken Teriyaki with rice, Whatever is in the pantry pasta (generally bacon, tomatoes etc) or burgers.
- Top 5 beauty products/can't live withouts?
1. My Doublewear foundation by Estee Lauder. I have tried to change it up but I always go back to it.
2. Love everything from Minimalist Skincare Boutique (google it NZ made, amazing!). Oil cleansing will change your life!!
3. Primer - when your an oily lass like me it is your saving grace and it keeps your foundation stuck to your face like s**t to a blanket!!
4. My favourite lipstick at the moment is Safe Word by Smashbox.
5. A good red lipstick. My go to is Russian Red from MAC.
- What do you love to do in your me time?
I love to cook (are you suprised?) while binge watching a good show. Currently watching season 6 of Offspring - LOVE Nina!
- Guilty pleasure?
A pedicure with a hot stone massage. 
- Fav book?
I'm a little bit obsessed with cookbooks. I take them to bed and everything. I want a cookbook library that Nigella will envy!!
- Scared of?
Big fat spiders. 
- Movie title of your life would be...
The Duck - she's cool, calm and collected on the surface but underneath it's moving a mile a minute.
- Signature scent?
Dior Addict but I just got Armani Code from our Melbourne trip.
- Life moto
I will forgive but I find it VERY hard to forget.
So more of a curse than a motto!
- Why you like the Me brand? It's always good to be reminded to stop, look at the bigger picture and think "I am a bit of alright".

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